Random Walk Economics Society presents to you its flagship event, EconFest, a competition to allow you to demonstrate your passion for economics. As the first national event of its sort, every effort is made to ensure that this event succeeds in what it aims to achieve, that is to promote analytical thinking in the field of economics outside the domain of textbooks so that young budding economists of our society push the boundaries and learn new concepts. Econ Fest 2016 will take place from the 20th to 21st of February, a two day event packed with academic and social events. Economists from around the globe will be invited to judge and evaluate your understanding and give firsthand advice regarding how to tackle economic issues and approach new hypothesis and case studies. Economics Meet during the competition will allow you to see the forerunners in this field discussing their research and debating with each other on various approaches. Major social events such as a formal dinner will be held to ensure you get the most out of this experience. Academic events may include:


  1. EconoMystery

Want to know how basic economic principles can point you to hidden treasure? Join us and find out!

Explore LUMS in this scavenger hunt with a unique twist where you will be required to ponder over and apply key economic concepts as you race toward the final prize.

Each team will be required to take a challenging yet fun economic angle in this scavenger hunt around LUMS. Clues relating to certain key economic concepts will guide you to victory!


  1. Quiz Competition

Your time to prove you’re smart – outside the walls of a classroom!

This event will consist of three rounds (separate for school and university delegates)

1) Paper Questions

2) Buzzer Beater

3) Pictorial Analysis


  1. Debates Competition

Because we all know that every intellectual debate revolves around economics.

(Separate for school and university delegates)

1 speaker from each team

2-3 minutes speaking time

Topics and format will be unique and shall be indicated in time.


  1. Policy Recommendation Paper

The ball’s in your court. Now what will you do? Will you send your country towards economic prosperity, or hurtling towards its doom?

Each participant team will be provided a topic on the first day of EconFest. The team will be required to analyze the given scenario and come up with the best policy recommendation relevant to the case at hand.
A formal presentation by 2-3 group members will be followed by submission of a 3-4 page Policy Recommendation Paper.
High levels of confidence and coordination amongst team members will ensure success in this time consuming event that has been labeled ‘the backbone of EconFest’ and will prove to be both a challenging and stimulating learning experience.

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For registration queries and concerns: econfest.rwes@gmail.com