Random Walk Economics Society is a platform for students to enhance their knowledge of economics as applied to the real world. The society conducts various events to achieve this purpose, including debates on economic forums,seminars and participation in international economics conferences. It has come a long way in promoting the understanding and application of concepts in this discipline.


ABOUT Economics Festival 2016

Random Walk Economics Society presents to you its flagship event, EconFest, a competition to allow you to demonstrate your passion for economics. As the first national event of its sort, every effort is made to ensure that this event succeeds in what it aims to achieve, that is to promote analytical thinking in the field of economics outside the domain of textbooks so that young budding economists of our society push the boundaries and learn new concepts. Econ Fest 2016 will take place from the 20th to 21st of February, a two day event packed with academic and social events. Economists from around the globe will be invited to judge and evaluate your understanding and give firsthand advice regarding how to tackle economic issues and approach new hypothesis and case studies. Economics Meet during the competition will allow you to see the forerunners in this field discussing their research and debating with each other on various approaches


An annual conference for economics undergraduate students was initiated in 2003 by the academic staff members representing the departments of Economics of some leading Universities in South Asia. The objective was to promote understanding of economic development and regional cooperation among undergraduate students of economics from South Asian countries. The annual South Asian Economics Students Meet (SAESM) provides an opportunity for undergraduate students to write academic papers on topical issues in the region, to present the papers at the conference, to share their experiences, and to learn from each other, while promoting their knowledge on development and cooperation in the South Asian countries. The annual SAESM usually consists of a conference of undergraduate departments in which students present papers from their respective countries, a quiz contest and a study tour. The knowledge of regional economic issues, regional perspectives on similar problems and possible solutions are only some of the benefits that participants derive from the Meet. The Meet generates massive positive externalities in terms of understanding, comradeship and healthy competition it stimulates among the participants. The coordinating institution of the host country organizes each Meet. Participating teams from each country are chosen by the coordinating institution of their respective countries. The host country lays down the team size and team split. Criteria for selecting these teams are left to the coordinating institution in order to provide adequate flexibility, given differences in size and composition of the target groups.